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Successful learning leaders already know how important having a learning culture is to ensuring that their organizations remains relevant in today’s global market place.  What continues to change is how these leaders shape their learning programs in order to speak to the diverse and ever changing workforce.ELearning has become increasingly popular as companiescontinue to deal with dispersed workforces, changes in employee schedules, content that can be reused for different learning groups over time and providing flexibility to employees that want to learn at their own pace.

In fact a recent study published by Elearning Magazine! Reported that the use of eLearning is going to rise another 23% this year. Further statistics on companies with successful eLearning programs revealed:  

  • 46% are more likely to be first to market.
  • 37%show greater employee productivity.
  • 34% demonstrate better response to customer needs.
  • 26% show greater ability to deliver quality products.
  • 58% are more prepared to meet future demand.
  • 17% are more likely to be a market share leader.

If these weren’t reason enough to consider introducing effective eLearning then perhaps the imminent change in the workforce is. 

Enter, the Millennial workforce!  

Defined as those born between 1980 and 1996 this growing group is estimated to account for 36% of the U.S. workforce by 2015 and 75% of the workplace. 

Millennials are characteristically known to be eager to learn and engage meaning they are the perfect candidates for continuous learning and development within the organization that they join.  Where learning leaders lose them however, is the method in which the training is delivered.  When dealing with a generation that has began using technology before they could talk, how victorious can a learning leader expect to be with a lunch and learn or an in class session featuring a 45 slide PowerPoint presentation?

In order to be effective you need to speak the right language!

Make it Quick!

How does multitasking affect your eLearning content and delivery?  Researchers at Bryan College found that the average Millennial switches his or her attention among media platforms 27 times per hour!  Go ahead and check the math!  That’s only 2.2 seconds of attention before they need to flip to another medium!  How is your content and delivery going to meet the needs of a generation that needs to be consistently enticed to get your messages across?


With the growing popularity of gaming amongst this generation, the latest being the Pokémon Go! phenomenon, a great tool to consider is gamificiation.  Providing the training and rewards that this generation requires within a medium that is very familiar to them can render higher user adoption rates when designed effectively.

Be Flexible

Reports show that 69% of Millennials believe office attendance is unnecessary on a regular basis.  Makes for a tough situation when trying to implement in-class learning!  Successful corporate training programs directed at this segment of your workforce must offer material and programs that are flexible.  With the right eLearning program, employees can complete their learning on the device of their choice wherever they feel most comfortable doing it whether that is at 10 p.m. at the local coffee shop or 6 p.m. on the subway.


Remember, this is the generation of instant gratification.  They want information fast, when they want it and in the way they want it.  What they also need to succeed in your organization is instant feedback.  Ensuring that your eLearning program provides them with instant feedback on their performance, next steps or areas of improvement will ensure their engagement.  Rewarding is another important must-have for this generation.

Technologically Savvy

You may have the latest material, valuable rewards and great feedback planned in the initial design of your custom eLearning program but all of this is useless without ensuring that its delivered on the latest technological platforms.  Remember, Millennials are always adapting to the latest technology and platforms meaning Twitter may have been an exciting tool 5 years ago but is no longer relevant with the popularity of SnapChat. 

Keep in mind that business situations definitely define the need to use various corporate learning delivery systems however, in this case it’s the actual workforce that dictates the need for change.  Staying ahead of the Millennial workforce will not only ensure higher retention and a more robust workforce but also create a learning environment that continues to surpass the norm.

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