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How Global Instructor Services Can Save Your Team

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Save Time, Money and Resources with Global Instructor Services

Isn’t it great to have control over your training projects?  The team is aligned, deliverables are going to be on time and the team overall, even though at capacity, is a perfectly oiled machine dedicated to developing your employees further.

And then you get the email.A new technology roll out, new management initiative, or maybe an upcoming merger or acquisition is about to be announced.  Regardless of the change management strategy, the training to get teams up to speed is inevitable and that means your team is going to be tasked with a major training roll out very soon.

At this point many of our clients have told us that they’ll either scramble to try and piece together training in house, but that in many cases they are unsuccessful.  Reasons will vary but in most cases it comes back to simply not having enough skilled resources to carry out the training-especially in cases where there are multiple offices or locations.

Would any of these resonate with your department if you found yourself in this situation?

  • Lack of trained Instructors with subject matter experience

  • No administration resource available to manage the program

  • Unsure of where to hire multiple instructors, and how to onboard and mange them for multiple training events

  • Not sure what the right rate to pay instructors in various location is

  • A team that is already stretched and can’t manage business as usual operations while taking on a global training project

This is where working with the right external partner can make all the difference.

Executing an effective large-scale training initiative requires a dedicated team, something a training company like TrainingFolks can provide.

Not sure what the benefits are when it comes to working with a partner?  Check out the following.

Here are 9 reasons to consider working with a training services provider for a turn-key solution to your upcoming global training initiative.

Best-Fit Talent Screening

Working with an expert in the field means their recruitment teams will have best practices for sourcing the right candidates for the job. At TrainingFolks, we thoroughly screen our instructors to ensure they encompass the necessary certifications and experience to make client projects a success. In addition, with a network of over 30,000 highly skilled corporate training professionals worldwide, finding the right person becomes a seamless process. 

Our Best-Fit Instructor Profile includes:

  • Experienced and Skilled

  • Content Expertise

  • Highly Certified

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Local Culture Awareness


When working with a large team of global instructors, it can become overwhelming once the paperwork begins to flow. Working with an external partner to manage this process creates a centralized process within a system that is built for this specific type of administration.   Things, like compiling, auditing and processing invoices, managing timesheets, and supervising expense statements in accordance with each contract trainer’s service agreement, are things that experts like TrainingFolks have built into their business services. If the organization doesn’t have a system in place to manage these factors, losing control becomes very easy.


When dealing with multiple training delivery dates, training locations, and numerous global trainers, aligning delivery dates with times alongside changes and updates can be nerve-wracking if it's not your core role. Working with a company that has dedicated resources that manage scheduling alongside other aspects of managing a global training team can alleviate this headache as well.

Travel Management

When running a global team of instructors, travel management is a must. Booking flights, hotels, travel arrangements and ensuring that timely arrival for all training sessions is guaranteed when working with a corporate training partner like TrainingFolks. Our expert team can also work to secure travel Visas when needed.

Quality Management

Providing a high level of quality with global instructor-led services is something that an external training services provider can promise. The company likely has several dedicated personnel that each excels at different parts of the process of managing this team of global trainers. Setting key metrics before starting the project and talking through any issues like language, cultural sensitivities or training styles can all be addressed in advance to help provide the best training experience for your learners possible.

Team Communications

A general fear for learning teams when it comes to working with an external series is that they will lose sight of the program and be unaware of progress.  This could not be further from reality! When working with a good global instructor-led services provider, clients are booked in for regular conference calls with their account managers. During these calls, discussions over best practices, learner experiences, specifics to the project and instructor performance are all covered off and improved upon.

Performance Management

When working with internal trainers or managing external trainers internally, performance management can easily slip through the gaps. In addition, internal staff may not know what to base their audits of instructor’s performances on or be in the position to accurately conduct regular training audits. Working with a partner means ongoing audits to ensure that your learners are getting the best possible experience with their instructor and that you as the client are working with the right instructors for the project.

Content Maintenance

When working with an external partner who is dedicated to consistent maintenance of performance and program, feedback becomes real-time versus looking back. This essentially means that instructors are asked for timely and consistent feedback on the curriculum based on learners’ experiences. This is then fed to the curriculum owner or instructional designer to make improvements to the program as quickly as you’re able to. Hiring instructional design consultants from the same partner can also speed up this process since they’ll be 100% dedicated to your specific project and exceeding objectives.

Project Reporting

Consistent reporting is a great way to capture ongoing results and to make continuous adjustments and improvements to your training program. It is also critical to documenting for future teams to learn from for even more successful projects. When working with a company like TrainingFolks you can depend on timely reports on a monthly, quarterly and project end basis. The reports are both qualitative and quantitative to cover all aspects of the program.

In the end, allowing your internal team to focus more on strategic business rather than coping with the logistical details of managing a global delivery offering can help save the company a lot more on the bottom line.

Find the right training outsourcing arrangement for your organization and create a winning global instructor-led delivery services program today.


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