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New Technology Roll Out Doesn't Have to Mean Burn Out 


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Is using internal resources for training resulting in employee burn-out?

Instructor led training is still the most popular form of training for many topics of corporate development across organizations.

When it comes to new technology training specifically, having a real-life person to walk learners through needs and questions can help create a highly effective training experience as compared to virtual learning or eLearning.

A great way to save on spend is to initiate a Train the Trainer program whereby internal learning professionals are trained up on the content that needs to be delivered to employees-in many cases across multiple locations spanning across the country or globe. 

This however, leads to a lot of internal employees tasked with training to simply burn out depending on the complexity of the overall training project.

The alternative of course, is to outsource the training responsibilities to a contract trainer.  The internal discussion that many of our clients have before inevitably calling us for the Best-Fit match to deliver their Salesforce to SAP training to Oracle Software Training to CRM training include some or all the following challenges.


Using the Train the Trainer approach includes enlisting managers and leaders who, in many cases who are not trainers or facilitators by trade.  When dealing with a subject matter like new technology which can include several scenarios as well as levels of questions from learners, having a skilled trainer with the expertise and knowledge of the software is critical.  In order to ensure the same experience for each learner as well as adapt to variations in skills gaps from location to location, the trainer must have a strong background in training overall-something a dedicated contract professional offer.


When dealing with internal trainers who also have a full-time role within the organization, teams need to be back-filled for the resources being sent out over a period of time.   This means hiring or moving team members around, or increasing work load, which can lead to a thinly stretched team.  Organizations that opt out of hiring an external trainer need to weigh the costs of the downtime that will be experienced when roles are shifted, or people are out of the office.

Added Stress

With the winter months on the horizon, traveling across the country or the world can be cumbersome, with delays affecting flying to driving.  Add to that the stress of having to maintain some vision into what is happening day to day at the office for your travelling trainers.  Lastly, being away from the family could cause additional stress.  Managing these for each of your temporary trainers can become a challenge depending on how many trainers you’re working with and how long the project is expected to take. 

Having a contract trainer or team of trainers take this on means you’re enlisting someone that is tasked solely with the purpose of delivering highly effective training to your employees and who is accustomed to travelling, being on the road and more importantly, planning to be on time in any weather!


While there are some technology rollouts that are right on schedule and launch without a hitch, there are several others (usually internal systems changes) that do experience delays in launch dates.  This in turn means that all the planning around back-filling, travel bookings and other project deadlines can go out the window costing organization tons from hard dollars to employee morale and overall credibility in the new technology overall.

Using an external resource means no one is the wiser if there is a delay and that the contract trainer can be put on hold until the software launch date is ready to go without additional costs to the organization. 

Travel Costs

Again, booking travel for trainers from your head office or learning center who will be visiting your multiple locations can add up quickly.  When working with a corporate training partner like TrainingFolks to scale up your training teams you can benefit from hiring trainers that are local to the markets that you need to service.  Instead of sending one internal trainer from the office to 5 different cities, send one contract trainer from each of the 5 cities into each respective location and save on the travel and accommodations costs.

At the end of the day there are many factors that a company will consider before making the decision to hire a contract trainer but with something as important as a new software or hardware roll out, ensuring that learners get the best learning experience possible is critical to engagement and retention of the material. 

If you’re ready to make the move, we can help you scale up quickly today. Call the experts at TrainingFolks to tap into our network of over 30,000 professionals worldwide.

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