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Discover the Top Instructional Design Interview Questions

Top Training Company Tips for Better Instructional Design Interviews

Instructional Design Interview Questions

As a Learning Leader, you are constantly being challenged to find new and innovative ways to improve the training experiences in your organization. This could mean creating more compelling content, introducing new modalities such as mobile learning, microlearning or gamification, or implementing eye-catching visual elements that will engage learners.

If you don't have these exact skill sets on your learning and development team and are not in a position to hire a full-time resource, consider a contract Instructional Designer. 

Instructional designers create learning experiences that help learners improve job performance. The following are some of the skills and knowledge to look for when choosing the ideal Instructional Designer.

  • Specializes in adult learning methodology and best practices.

  • Able to perform a training needs assessment to identify the skill and knowledge gaps to be addressed by the training.

  • Manages the learning and development process by partnering with subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop and deliver learning strategies and initiatives to support the business goals and objectives.

  • Analytical skills allowing them to take the information gathered, identify the critical points to include in the training as well as what details can be left out.

  • Reviews the training needs and determinse which delivery method is best suited to the audience.

  • Expertise in the most popular eLearning authoring tools – Articulate, Captivate, Lectora.

  • Evaluates the success of implemented solutions and making adjustments as necessary.

In addition to these skills, you may want to consider a contract instructional designer with experience in your industry.

Whether you’re engaging a contract instructional designer to assist with a large learning initiative or adding a full-time resource to your team, asking the right instructional design interview questions is key to finding the best-fit talent. To assist you, download Finding the Right Instructional Designer.

Finding the Right Instructional Designer

This free download outlines the right questions to ask and the key skills to look for to ensure the person is capable of getting the job done. It will help you stay organized, streamline the interview process, and find the right match for your Instructional Designer needs.

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