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The business dictionary defines Corporate Leadership Development as, “Teaching of leadership qualities, including communication, ability to motivate others, and management, to an individual who may or may not use the learned skills in a leadership position.”

Teaching these skills however is not a onetime thing for successful organizations nor is it a cookie cutter approach.

Effective leadership development is a process that continues to engage leaders in an organization with various training and development programs geared at different sets of skills.

With the changing workplace  which now includes the emergence of the Millennial workforce, the increase in remote employees, global business opportunities and the digital age, leaders are faced with numerous leadership challenges that require unique programs and skills training.

In addition to these larger categories of business challenges there are also a number of other issues that organizations strive to overcome like:

  • Performance goals associated with the current strategy are not being met

  • A new strategy has been developed or is in the process of being developed

  • Your executives question whether the current skill set of leaders will enable them to achieve desired results

  • There are issues surrounding attracting and retaining leaders with critically important skills and attributes

  • There is an insufficient talent pool for leadership succession

  • Difficulty maintaining workforce productivity and morale during challenging economic times

Developing the right training and development solution is sometimes easier said than done and working with a global corporate training provider like TrainingFolks can help to ensure that these programs are developed in the most efficient and effective manner. 

A project with our valued client Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) showcases how the challenge of turnover was addressed with strong leadership development. 

In taking a proactive approach, ESA wanted to prepare for an expected future 45% turnover rate by having Inspectors ready to take on the role of Senior Inspector as the opportunities become available.

See how TrainingFolks partnered with this client to address and overcome this business challenge in this case study.


TrainingFolks delivers customized management training solutions to enable your organization to adeptly respond to these and other associated business challenges.

Get in touch with us to discuss your leadership development needs. An expert in your field can work with you to create a needs assessment, build a strategy, develop and deliver a program and measure results for your unique requirements.




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