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Does coming back from vacation make you feel like you never really left?  With the last week of the summer holiday upon us, you may be getting ready to have a final getaway.  Help your employees to prepare for their planned vacations and even more importantly for coming back to a stress-free environment.  While formal corporate training on this topic may not be necessary, sharing a quick checklist, sending out an email or talking through tips at your next meeting can all help to get them thinking and implementing some key changes in preparation.

Check out these top 5 tips for returning to work after vacation.To-Do Lists
Create a working list for yourself which outlines projects and tasks that you’re working on now, will need to complete before you leave and those that must be done in the first week or two of your return.

Once you have this outlined you can prioritize what you need to work on before you leave for vacation.  In addition to completing the items that need to be done before you leave, take care of some of the things that need to be done when you’re back so that you have a nice buffer upon return.  Take the time to mark your work calendar with any reminders that you think will help refresh your memory when you return as well.

Team Work
If you’re heading out and simply cannot get something on your list of priorities done, find a team member that you can delegate to.  In cases where you’re the team leader this is a little easier said than done especially depending on the degree of importance and the stakeholders involved.  In those cases, see if there are areas of the project that can be taken care of in your absence to help give you a jump start when you return.

Tidy Up
There’s nothing worse than coming back from a relaxing vacation and dealing with a messy desk.  Take some time before leaving to tidy up your work space.  If you have notes, file them away.  If you have files, put them in your cabinets.  Clear your voicemail so you don’t have pending messages to deal with and give your desk and keyboard a nice dusting.  You’ll thank yourself when you return.

Keep People Informed
Firstly, update your email out-of-office notification.  This way if you don’t get back to someone while you’re away, you don’t have to deal with backlash upon your return making you wish you had never left!  

In addition, let team members know at your weekly huddles or meetings to also give them a heads up in case they need anything from you before you leave or right when you return. This is especially critical if you’re a team leader.

You can also include an internal out of office alert a few days before you leave which indicates when you will effectively be out of the office and when you will return or add it to your signature. 

For staff that are not comfortable with outlook, a quick training session may do the trick or providing easy to access microlearning modules that they can grab off the LMS or Intranet can mitigate confusion and increase pre-vacation preparation.

Plan Ahead
As per Murphy’s Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".  

Keep this in mind when planning for vacation and give yourself a day to put out any last-minute fires that may start.  You may also have other team members that will be on vacation around the same time meaning less resources for the same or more work.  Having one extra day that is dedicated to last minute requests or taking care of the work from other team members will make for a much calmer exit and an even better return. 


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