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Why Your Organization Needs a Professional Translation Company
Despite the development of new technologies and the improvements in translation tools like Google Translate, the field of professional translating is growing at a steady pace. So why do countless industries choose to use professional translators instead of taking the easy path of an automatic translation? Why use the skills of a professional translator instead of asking a member of your internal staff to do a translation?

To be a translator, you need to be more than just bilingual. It is why the receptionist in your office, no matter how bilingual she thinks she is, is not as qualified as a professional translator. To clearly grasp this idea, it is necessary to understand what a professional translator does, how he or she works, and how the translator becomes an integral part of an industry.

Tools of the Trade

A translator comes with a large set of language tools. They know how to efficiently use a terminology database, bilingual concordance tools, translation software, translation memories, and possess a set of superior research skills as well of a large collection of dictionaries and monographs. All these tools are designed to create a translation of the highest quality.

When a professional translator encounters a language problem, he or she will overcome this difficulty by using all these tools, as well as their knowledge and experience in the industry. Furthermore, a professional translator knows how to handle a translation project from beginning to end, reviewing and polishing the finished text and respecting the deadline.

A professional translator is able to adapt to any situation and adjust their translation by keeping the target audience in mind. A translator is first and foremost an analytical thinker: he or she is able to adjust the message to best reach the audience.

Risks of Auto Translate

A badly written text filled with grammatical and translation errors can have a negative impact on a company brand. It is important to put a translation project in the right hands.

Do you think that using Google Translate is a cheaper solution because it is free? That is a myth. Translation software cannot translate a text like a professional translator. They cannot take into account the context, the target audience, nor the deep meaning of the text and the message it needs to convey. The translators’ skills as a writer will help you translate texts that will positively reflect your brand. Working with a translation agency is an investment!

How to Choose a Translation Company

In order to properly choose your translator, you must ensure that he/she meets most of the following requirements: a diploma in translation, experience in a specific field or industry, a deep knowledge of translation tools and experience in project management. Also, keep in mind that a translator is better at translating into his or her mother tongue.

If you work with a translation company, you won’t have to worry about these items; the translator's qualifications have already been evaluated and confirmed. The company will also have a team of translators who will proofread every translation for accuracy as a further check before delivering the finished product. It is an extra service offered by the top translation companies.

When you’re ready to select a translation company, download “10 Key Questions for Choosing a Translation Company”. The list provides questions to help you determine the level of expertise of the translators and the professionalism of the company, and explains why each point is important in making a decision.


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