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What is a Business Analyst Role?

A business analyst is responsible for utilizing tasks and techniques to analyze, engineer or re-engineer an companies processes and systems to align with its business objectives. It is a lucrative job that touches a lot of lives, helps numerous companies, and influences the economy. This rewarding career is one that touches a broad range of topics. Let’s take a glimpse of what people in this profession do.

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The Business Analyst Job Description

The Business Analyst is responsible for utilizing tasks and techniques to analyze, engineer or re-engineer an organization’s processes and systems to align with its business objectives. This requires various levels of specialization and work at all levels within an organization to identify goals, define strategy, gather requirements and analyze information to support continuous improvement.


An experienced business analyst has a good grasp of all areas of business from management operations, finance, technology, engineering, architecture, etc. Apart from providing much-needed business analysis, these detail-oriented professionals act as a bridge for different areas of company development. They can also serve in a broad range of industries.


The Skills of a Good Business Analyst

Business Analysts possess many skills, allowing them to be versatile enough to handle various business functions that can impact many departments. If you want to be successful in this career, you will need to be well-versed in many aspects of project development, management, implementation, and evaluation.

Many successful business analyst share these skills:

  • Leads business on initiatives to understand current state and identify future needs and opportunities
  • Manages relationship with executives and senior level stakeholders to understand the business process and the needs of the organization
  • Interacts with senior executives and presents solutions and Identifies initiatives to align with businesses objectives
  • Facilitates the iterative refinement of the business requirements and prepares and delivers presentations of findings and solutions to senior management
  • Evaluates the impact of a solution to business needs and develops detailed plans and accurate cost estimates 


The Role of this Professional

What a business analyst does hinges on the project on his or her portfolio. It also depends on the stage of this project and the goals of the stakeholders. Often, this esteemed professional will have several projects going on at the same time. They are tapped by stakeholders to solve a current or future problem so that they can find the right solution.


Business analysts define what these businesses need and propose feasible solutions grounded on research. They gather documents, data, and all sorts of information to come up with a design that solves the issues. Apart from those, they pinpoint what fundamental elements are missing in a project, along with the possible challenges and projected impacts of proposed solutions.


These solutions are all documented in a precise and understandable manner so that stakeholders can easily comprehend and work on what needs to be done. These requirements are all clearly outlined; whether a new product must be bought, an upgraded protocol should be implemented, or new computer software must be installed.


Models, process diagrams, and design frames are created for better understanding. They make presentations to teams offering indispensable guidance and advice to help implement much-needed changes.


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