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Finding the right executive candidate is easier said than done and the cost of recruiting the wrong executive into your organization can have major impacts across the board.

  • The hiring manager’s reputation and confidence can be negatively affected.
  • Overall productivity can plummet with poor leadership or a mismatch of culture.
  • Negative press to clients, employees and external marketplace.
  • Effects of decisions made by the hire during their time with the organization.
  • The most tangible impact however, is the dollar for dollar cost. Research shows that organizations spend up to 2.5 times the hire’s salary if they depart in the first six months!

When you consider the extensive amount of work that goes into finding your next Chief of Learning, VIP of Training and Development or perhaps your Director of Change Management candidate, finding a partner to do the work for you may be a better option than keeping it in house.  

As you search for someone that has the right skill set, industry knowledge and experience, strong leadership style and will fit seamlessly into the organization, consider the following benefits of partnering with an external Executive Search Partner (ESP).

Access to Quality Network of Professionals

When you’re trying to fill a high-profile position, the hardest part is finding a strong pool of potential candidates to talk to.  You’ll likely go through the motions of posting the position on popular executive job sites as well as LinkedIn however, you may still not get many candidates that have the specific industry experience and skill set that you’re looking for. Working with an ESP increases the pool of talent giving you access to a much larger number of professionals that meet the criteria for the job.

Maintain Relationship with Stakeholders

When working with an ESP they can approach star players in the industry that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to without possibly affecting the good faith you have with competitors, suppliers or other external stakeholders.  Headhunting is a huge benefit that an executive search partner can offer and something you may not be comfortable doing in house.

Screening Process

Having your internal HR department take on the task of scanning resumes that come in can take considerable time depending on the criteria set out for the position as well as the number of other positions that they may be currently searching to fill.   An ESP that specializes in the learning and development space like TrainingFolks, is very familiar with resumes from professionals in the industry and knows what to look for.  Hard skills, soft skills as well as strong communication and presentation skills are all part of the assessment that is done when they go through the screening process.  Once they have a pool in mind, they take the time to perfect their profiles as well as conduct preliminary screening calls and interviews.  What you’re presented with at the end are truly Best-Fit matches to consider moving through your internal process.

Maintain Discretion

Depending on the role that you’re filling, you may not want to broadcast it in the general marketplace.  In addition, if you don’t want to let the internal team know that there may be a shift in leadership then maintaining discretion as you perform your search is paramount.  Having an ESP take care of this position enables you to control who knows about the position and the need to fill it.

Reduce Bias

With a high-profile position like VP or Director there may be an internal bias that may affect the process of internally sourcing the right candidate.  Furthermore, if you have a potential internal pool to choose from but would like to also see what options are available externally, having an ESP take care of this provides an unbiased group of Best-Fit individuals. 

Learn more about the benefits of working with an experienced executive search team with the expertise to find the right corporate training professional candidate.  Download this one-page overview from TrainingFolks today.

It outlines the 11 key areas involved with the executive search and why this may be the right option for your organization when it comes to your next executive placement.

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