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As we near the end of 2016, clients here at TrainingFolks are eager to complete yearly objectives and knock off their last few training initiatives.  While our expert team of Training Consultants, contract Facilitators and Instructional Designers continue to ensure this, we are always working with new clients around their imminent deadlines which seem slightly out of reach with the current team in place.There are a number of reasons that have affected their project completion that TrainingFolks assists with but in some cases they are simply dealing with employees that have been unable to meet set time lines.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to employees not meeting deadlines.   

These can range from a lack of resources, to technology issues, to personal issues and perhaps even unrealistic expectations set at the start of the project’s time line.

Regardless of why deadlines are not met the objective never changes-the project needs to be completed.

As a manager, instinct may prompt direct questions which can leave employees feeling de-motivated, threatened or unsure about their abilities when deadlines are not met.  Here are some key things to consider when trying to get answers on an updated time line that employees can be held accountable to.

Set Meetings and Let Them Ask For Help

It seems like a harmful and almost helpful question. “What can I do to get this project done?”  This approach can actually be counterproductive and work to undermine your employee by taking part of the ownership and the responsibility of the project from them.

A more effective way to keep on top of the project and ahead of any issues with meeting deadlines is to discuss progress during regular meetings leading up to the deliverable date.  This way the project is still the employee’s responsibility and asking for assistance, resources or a change in deadline remains with them.

Less Excuses More Time Management

When asked about project updates, employees may provide excuses like other projects taking up time, or unscheduled meetings cutting into the workday.  In many cases the issue here is a lack of time management.

A great way to ensure that employees meet deadlines is by sharing a time management tool that you can work through together when setting up a project plan.  Time management training is also a great way to get your entire team on the same page.  Now when setting up deadlines your questions can be geared around the employee’s  plans for next steps and how they anticipate reaching them.  If you are unsure about how to create a program, this is a perfect area to look to a contract Instructional Designer who can put together either an e-Learning program or an in class program.

Get Proactive-Ask the Right Questions

Many employees want to do the best job they can but still fall short of deadlines.  Once you’ve set the stage with regards to a project plan, critical time lines, and ensured that the employee has steps in place to meet deadline, it’s time to push them to get going! 

Ask them key questions that you have, to ensure they are on track.  Being unable to provide answers or being vague with answers is a clear indicator of potential issues to come and should raise a red flag.   For example, “What is the goal for next Tuesday’s meeting and what steps are you going to complete in order to achieve that?” will help set structure while leaving ownership with them.

With year-end just around the corner there are likely some lingering projects that require expertise attention in order to complete. Otherwise, you’re looking at extending into 2017.

A great way to address these is by looking for a contract hire. 

In many cases learning leaders can depend on contract Instructional Designers to help achieve these objectives and still work within the remainder of the yearly budget. For example if a technology roll out is something you’re looking to complete here is a free and easy to follow business case template to make the case for a contract ID that can help.


Remember if you’re looking for a contract Instructional Designer or Facilitator to help develop or deliver your remaining learning initiatives get in touch with the global training experts at TrainingFolks today.

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