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Many Millennial workers get a bad rap. 

Seen as being quite entitled, a bit lazy when it comes to working hard and flight risks when it comes to new hires, the truth is that the Millennial workforce encompasses a number of positive traits that can significantly help an organization if nurtured correctly.

Much of the reason for not seeing the good is because the one thing that Millennials undeniably are is different from the Generation X or Baby Boomer worker that currently makes up the majority of the workforce. By 2020 however, the global workplace will be made up of 50% of Millennials (that’s not too far away!).1

Successful organizations via effective leaders must try and understand the unique needs of this emerging cohort and then adapt accordingly.  Doing so will not only ensure talented hires but an increased level of engagement and retention from this group.

Here are some key benefits of building a strong team of Millennials for your organization as well as reasons to consider allocating the time and budget on ensuring adequate training and development programs are in place.

They’re Doers!

Finding employees with an entrepreneurial side enables businesses to leverage a can-do attitude and dedicated work ethic.  Millennials continue to show growth in the entrepreneurial space with 55% saying they’d like to start their own business one day and 61% recognizing that hard work is the key to their success.2

They’ll Build Your Brand

One of the top reasons for Millennials to choose to work for a company and to stay with that company is the alignment of values between them and the brand or company they are working with.3 If a Millennial believes in your brand or the corporate culture, not only are they more willing to stay with the organization but also so talk about it.   They may choose to do this via socializing with friends and family or take to social media to share more about the company or the brand with followers. 

Bureaucracy Takes a Backseat

Business leaders that are looking to change the corporate culture from traditional styles which involved a lot of bureaucracy to more of a learning environment with collaborative teams should look to building out their Millennial team fast!  One of the major deterrents for taking a job as well as a large reason for leaving a position includes management attitude and having too much structure or too many procedures.  A recent survey by Deloitte Consulting indicated that 63 percent of Millennials found management attitude to be huge barrier to innovation and growth in an organization.4

Before leveraging these and many other positive traits of your Millennial worker, business and learning leaders alike must surpass the stereotypes that continue to surround the Millennial workforce and to see the benefits of training and developing this group of employees.

Here at TrainingFolks, we work with our clients to develop specific training and development strategies geared at Millennials and deliver this content through the mediums that speak most to this group such as mobile learning, microlearning and gamificiation.   

Download your free Millennial Corporate Training Tools below and start planning for the future success of your organization today.


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