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As a retailer, you are faced with the challenge of continually enhancing the customer satisfaction while ensuring your employees are updated and motivated by the company brand.  What if you could accomplishall this through an eLearning program?  You certainly could, but it would be a tough sell without any references to your organization's name, culture, or values.  What about a custom eLearning solution for your employees?  That could definitely work, but aren't they costly?

The truth is that the long-term savings of customized eLearning far outweigh the rather intimidating and misunderstood costs associated with the initial investment.  In a time where many companies must differentiate themselves with great customer service and solutions, additional focus on employee training is a necessity.  Most importantly, customized eLearning is a strategic maneuver.

Custom eLearning will address the industry-specific concerns that retailers face, including an inconsistent training delivery, a geographically-dispersed staff and high turnover rates.  Think of custom eLearning as the catalyst for organizational strategy, rather than a liability.  It's the vehicle used to inject value from proposition and accelerate employee buy-in.  As opposed to an off-the-shelf solution, the custom eLearning solution is designed from the bottom up and cam be incorporated into a blended learning program.  Specific industry challenges can be taken into account during all development stages, and the program can be implemented to alleviate them.

More significantly, the return of investment can be measured quantitatively, and in the end, employees are trained 'your way, not just anyway.'


How Custom eLearning can maximize a Retailer's ROI:

Motivation Takes Flight

A custom eLearning solution reaffirms strategic goals by eliciting the behaviours necessary to achieve them.  Retailers can develop valuable interactive exercises and work-related examples to accompany blended learning and practical in-store experiences while increasing motivation and sending a message to employees that they matter.  For a guide on how to create an effective blended learning program for new employees, click here.  


Everyone's on the Right Page

Designing a custom eLearning solution can allows for pertinent strategic content to be easily created and delivered to elicit uniform behaviours from employees across the globe.  Unique branding, customer service and selling techniques can be built into eLearning modules without the fear of inconsistent training delivery.  In addition, custom language and disability needs can be addressed at far less a cost than traditional solutions.


Keeping up with the Jones'

Since the retail environment is in a constant state of flux, it is essential to ensure that employees buy into the current strategy through regular training. As the competitive landscape shifts, retailers must have the ability to communicate priorities to all employees effectively and efficiently, if they want to stay ahead.  Custom eLearning solutions can be developed and delivered to employees as quickly as new merchandise is stocked onto the shelf.


Keeping Track

The answer to the question "Does it fit our strategy?" will always be yes.  Learning Management Systems quantitatively analyze various metrics of training success, and link these figures to business functions and strategic objectives.  These analyses can assist in the development of future training needs, track training success, monitor turnover rates and weed out employees who don't buy into the strategy.


Focused Resource Allocation

With the advent of affordable eLearning solutions, learning needs can be aligned with budgetary constraints.  Customized eLearning solutions can also utilize the resources and technologies currently used by employees in-house without compromising profitability or taking time away from the sales floor.


Custom eLearning is practical, meaningful and quantifiable.  There are varying levels of customization that can be built into eLearning solutions - it all depends on what your organization needs.

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