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Training Solutions for Your Next Global Instructor Rollout

For years, organizations have been investing in globalization with varying degrees of success. A study conducted in the late ’90s predicted that the amount of investment in globalization would increase 12 times during the 30-year period ending in 2027 (“Getting to Global,” McKinsey Quarterly, Lowell L. Bryan and Jane N. Fraser, November 1999). However, such investment has actually increased by more than nine times in less than 15 years. As we are trending at a much faster rate, if you are not already globalizing, you soon will be!

When implementing training on a global scale, the path to success must factor in many beliefs, norms, and cultural expectations.

The scenario you are facing in your organization:                

After months of preparation, design, development, and not to mention countless dollars spent, you’ve deployed your CRM system training program in the United States.  Your program receives exceptional reviews throughout your U.S based offices.  Learner retention and adoption figures are extremely high, and there’s a buzz throughout the company about how much better this course is than the one used for the past five years.   Now, there is just enough time for you and your team to “toast” to the success of the U.S. deployment and pat each other on the back before Phase Two. The next stage in the process is global deployment to train your employees on a new CRM system across multiple regions in various languages.  You are in need of a practical training solution.

Your first challenge: You need to find quality global instructors:

You can’t find quality local contract instructors that can deliver a single uniformed message to all of your employees regardless of their region or language!   As you scan through your options of instructors you quickly realize they don’t have the industry expertise you need.  You know in the timeline you are given that each day that goes by without a team of qualified instructors your project is getting delayed and you may face an increase in project challenges.

Use this checklist to help you find quality training consultants for your next global initiative:

Training Consultant  Checklist


You call on the experts at TrainingFolks.  Here at TrainingFolks we have extensive experience and have created an award winning formula of training delivery best practices that will ensure our global clients experience the highest level of satisfaction.  Even though the TrainingFolks Network exceeds 25,000 consultants we know not every instructor is equal.  That is why we created the Training Resource Intake Process (TRIP) to ensure that we on-board and engage the highest quality and best-fit instructors in each region including those that have industry specific and subject matter expertise.


Best-Fit Instructor Profile Includes:

  • Experienced and Skilled
  • Content Expertise
  • Highly Certified
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Local Culture Awareness


We make sure each instructor becomes certified with the knowledge to deliver a single unified message to your learner population regardless of the region.  We take extra care to ensure that each instructor feels like a seamless extension of your internal team and not perceived as “external” to the organization.

Your second challenge: You don’t have the capacity to manage all your instructors across the globe:

Your internal team not only has this project to work on but other large scale initiatives are appearing in the pipeline.  You have deployed your instructors and soon realize that managing a project of this size along with all the logistical issues of a running a global delivery offering is next to impossible.


Let your internal team focus on other strategic business rather than coping with the logistical details of managing a global delivery offering.  TrainingFolks has a centralized administration and program management support team  that will allow even the leanest learning department to effectively and efficiently handle a global delivery offering.

Our goal is to make outsourcing easy and seamless for your organization by eliminating your need to manage multiple instructor relationships.  We will assign a dedicated Program Coordinator, your single point of contact, who is responsible for making sure daily activities are managed smoothly and without issue. This would include identifying best-fit talent screening, administration, scheduling, travel management, quality management, team communications, performance management, content maintenance, and periodic reporting.

Your third training solution challenge: You have an extremely short amount of time to find instructors:

 You have next to NO time to find instructors for your global CRM systems training.  There is a firm go-live date that is quickly approaching.  You needed your instructors to start yesterday!


Let TrainingFolks take on the burden of a tight schedule. 

TrainingFolks has a fast and efficient on-boarding process that will map to your schedule.  We provide only the highest-level of talent for our clients.  We thoroughly screen our instructors to ensure they encompass the necessary certifications and experience to make your next training project a success – quickly.

Your fourth challenge: Navigating through various global markets to understand local instructor rates is confusing:

You need instructors in Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Australia!  These markets have various rates, language, and cultural norms so establishing a rate structure that is both competitive and conventional is daunting.  Also, handling the payments and collections in various currencies is an overwhelming task and you want to stay within your tight budget.


Navigating through various markets to understand local instructor rates can be daunting and confusing.  TrainingFolks has established rate structures for most regions that are both competitive and predictable based on language and subject matter. At TrainingFolks we understand the nuances that affect cost and have been able to establish a structure that our clients feel comfortable around.

And, as an international business, we have a travel and global cash management system that allows us to mobilize instructors in different countries with simplicity.  We also handle payments and collections in various currencies (USD, CAD, EURO, GBP) – a benefit both our clients and instructors appreciate immensely.

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