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When you think about the annual holiday office party is there always a few employees that come to mind that seem to take things just a bit further than they should?

From being super loud, to making inappropriate comments, falling on the dance floor or simply being belligerent from one too many special punches, the list of things that you can do wrong at your upcoming holiday party is a long one.

This year go in with the right mind set and don’t be, “That guy” or “That girl”!

Here are some tips to consider when getting ready for your corporate holiday party.

Know Your Limit

Many employees use the open bar as an excuse to go overboard with their alcohol consumption.  While this is a social celebration, keep in mind that you’re still at work and that the actions of the evening can impact your role at the organization.   As a leader, it is important to lead by example so don’t be the one lining up shots!

Stay in Context

While breaking free of your typical in-office roles is easy to do when you’re at a holiday party, try and keep things in context.  So, if you’re not likely to walk into your CEO’s office on a regular afternoon and tell her everything you want to change about the company, then you don’t want to play that role at the party.  Remember to approach co-workers and leaders in the same respect and manner that you would in the office but feel free to soften the formalities.


Most holiday events are business casual (if after work) or cocktail attire.  When choosing your look for the evening, keep in mind that these are not random people that you’re meeting at a club, wedding or social gathering.  Try and keep your outfits appropriate for the office scene while adding some glam or trending it up with accessories or choice of colors.     


When planning to attend your holiday party try and schedule yourself to be prompt for the call time.  Unlike other social events, being tardy to this one can send a subliminal message to your piers and superiors that you don’t really prioritize this event when that may not be the case.  Also remember you don’t have to shut the party down!  Leaving after about three hours or as the majority starts trickling out is a good time to say your good byes.

What’s Your Name?

Being outside the office and off your email means you won’t have the support of your office directory when referencing someone in conversation.  Before heading to your office party, be sure that you are familiar with everyone’s names so that if you do end up in a conversation with them it doesn’t become awkward.  If you do have the ability to also get their role and teams straight it will provide you even more support when striking up conversation. 

Talking Shop

While career advancement is always top of mind, the office holiday party is not the place to pursue it.  Leave the shop talk for the office and official meetings and show your colleagues that you’re a fun and social person made of much more than your title at the office.  Leaders have the added responsibility of trying to engage with more of their employees at the holiday party without coming off as the boss.  Moving away from work conversation and into more general talk around sports, travel, culinary favorites or the last movie you watched are great ways to do this.




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