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There’s been an exciting new upgrade in technology for your industry and the company is all about keeping up with the latest and greatest.   Looks like you’re going to be getting ready for another company-wide technology rollout!

While the executive team is quite energized and ready to see the benefits of the new technology take shape, you may be feeling something a little different once you take a look at your project schedule for the remainder of the year. As you think through the options available you start mapping out your options.

Team Member

Sounds like the most logical option except that everyone on the team is already at their absolute maximum project capacity for the year. Or, maybe you are able to squeeze this one additional project in for the team to accomplish but quickly discover that the new technology is still foreign to your team requiring the trainers that will be designing the roll out to also be trained up.

IT Team

They were instrumental in the success of your last technology rollout and could be a great way to still make deadline with this one.  The only problem is that they are focused on ensuring the actual technology is ready and won’t have time to assist with the training of the employees.

External Corporate Training Partner

Everything is a check including timely delivery, expertise with the new technology, global reach to ensure all offices receive the same training and cost effective.  You’re finally feeling the same level of excitement as the execs but you are met with some hesitation when you propose the idea in passing to your boss. 

What do you do now?

After taking one more look at your options you know that hiring an external corporate training partner is your only hope of successfully delivering on this rollout.  The task now is making your case to the final decision makers and the best way to do that is to provide them with a well thought out business case that presents the positive impact on revenue as well as the higher level of employee satisfaction and overall success.

This easy to use Technology Rollout Business Case Template will help you do just that. 

eLearning Storyboard

Remember to state your case clearly by including the current state of the organization and the projected state with the implementation of an external partner.  You know that this makes good sense for the company; you just have to make them see it too!

Once you're ready to bring in an external global training partner for your upcoming technology rollout, get in touch with the experts at TrainingFolks.


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