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Improving Efficiency: 9 Top Management Training Topics

There's an art to selecting the right management training topics that help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. What's more, it may become a lost art in the world of management training and professional development. There are companies today that under appreciate just how important it is to find management training topic combinations that contribute to a company's overall efficiency levels.

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Training Programs for Top Management

A recent Gallup survey reported that thirteen percent of employees feel their company's management leaders communicate effectively. Assumingly, that means the other eighty-seven percent of the employees feel their company management leaders don't communicate effectively. The result is you have a company with poor communication trying to be effective and efficient in training and leading their management teams, which in all probability won't happen.

If you know your company's efficiency needs to be tweaked, but you're unsure what management training topics are required, please read on. You'll learn about nine top management training topics that have a significant impact on your company's overall productivity.


Management Training Topics

The world of management training topics is long, varied, and diverse. But the best management training topics for any business are ones that provide best practices for success. Stellar business management is the process by which a company gets its employees to produce the most significant results with the least amount of effort.

The employees can provide excellent results with the least amount of effort using only the resources available to them. You can hire the most stand-out candidates that graduated at the top of their class, and without the right management training, your company may not receive a positive impact on productivity. A positive effect on productivity that could have occurred with some of the below nine top management training topics.

#1 - LEAD with Integrity

It may seem to be a given, but if you don't lead by integrity, how do you ever receive efficient management that increases productivity? Every effective management training program needs to detail how the company leaders practice integrity by practicing what they preach. That means they take their commitments seriously and set a good example for overall team unity.

Corporation leaders with integrity clarify action items and deliverable's most of the time in writing. Not only does this provide a visual and written cue for the person who has been delegated to perform the action item, but it also trains a useful protocol in setting up deliverable's. You also want to make sure you close any accountability loop, so when a task is promised, it is then completed and delivered on time.

#2 - The Critical Factors in Interviewing and Hiring

There may be no other skill or topic more important than knowing how to filter through many talented and knowledgeable candidates yet be able to select the ones that will make the best decisions for your company. It's called the three C's, which equates to finding the candidate who has the capability you need, the commitment you want, and the chemistry you need for your company. It also helps to train in three dimensional interviewing, so you learn what to look for when interviewing and hiring potential employees.

#3 - Keeping Meetings on Track

Meetings are sometimes considered a necessary yet wasteful activity in companies. When you have managers who play the blame game or try to micromanage every detail of a task delegated, you can have a circular meeting that goes nowhere. Managing meetings so you can stay on track and maintain productivity even with virtual team members attending, takes training knowledge, skill, and commitment.

#4 - Performance Improvement Discussions and Appraisals

Most effective and efficient managers want to be able to give a positive job performance appraisal to their staff team members. But even when an employee's performance needs to improve, managers who are effectively trained and skilled can keep the discussions positive. Every employee needs to be aware that they're responsible for improving their performance results. 

As a manager, you can implement the five-step discipline process when dealing with performance improvement discussions and appraisals. The five steps are:

  • Problem is identified
  • Problem's severity is analyzed to determine impact and consequences if not corrected
  • The issue is discussed with the employee to agree upon a solution
  • Document discussion including the history, what was said and what was agreed
  • Monitor the results and recognize improvements or lack of improvements

If you find there hasn't been any improvement, you then need to take action that is beneficial to the company's productivity and efficiency. 

#5 - Employee Retention Levels

There is nothing harder on a company than a high turnover rate. Even the companies with well intentions can runoff good employees. That's why management must be trained on the topic of how to retain employees through engaging work practices and making them feel valued.

#6 - Practical Coaching of Employees

Effective and practical coaching of employees means you're able to maximize employee satisfaction and increase productivity levels. Training through the management topic of coaching teaches how to take an active role in employee performance, which can help prevent situations where employees fall short.

#7 - Constructive Communication

Constructive communication and feedback to employees is a management training topic that helps managers learn how to inspire and motivate others. Circumventing communication miscues and mishaps is essential in the efficient management of a company. It is the only way to connect to and energize your employees.

# 8 - Motivational Tools for Encouraging Employees

If you can't answer why to a task or deliverable you assign to an employee, you may want to re-think the task. Every motivational tool in effective management uses worker productivity and job satisfaction as a way to inspire them to do their job well. Know why you're asking them leads to meaningful rewards and recognition upon successful job completion. 

#9 - Planning and Delegating

As a manager, when you know when and how to delegate and hold accountable those you delegated work to, you've learned the importance of planning and delegating. 

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Implementing Management Training Change

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