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Finding top talent can be a challenge in itself for many companies. A lot of energy, time and resources go into recruiting the right candidate and onboarding them. However, there is something equally as important as identifying the right person. The ability to retain that talent is something that many organizations struggle with. Employee turnover ends up costing companies a lot of money and many managers don’t realize that employees don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. Gaining a better understanding of what exactly causes people to leave their jobs is important so that you can help prevent it in the future and keep your best employees!

Employee Turnover

Written By Vanessa Branscome, TrainingFolks Learning and Recruitment Specialist

Here are the top 5 reasons why employees leave an organization.

No room for growth or development

It can be hard to keep your employees happy and motivated when there is no career ladder to climb. Employees don’t want to feel stuck in a dead-end position. If you aren’t offering opportunities for your employees to grow, they will job-hop from company to company until they find a company that allows them to make advancements in their career. Just as your company requires care and attention, so do your employees.

Feeling Overworked

The term “work-life balance” has grown increasingly popular. Having a healthy work-life balance is important to many people who consider both their careers and ambitions important as well as maintaining their family relationships and leisure time. Nothing makes an employee feel more burnt out than putting in too many hours at the office and being overworked. Many employees feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do their jobs- an incredibly overwhelming thought. As employees are overworked, they become unhappy and unproductive, and will want to start looking for another job.

Not Enough Compensation

Are you spending more in the long run by paying your employees less? Like it or not, money is a motivating factor that can determine whether or not someone wants to stay at their current company. A person may have found their dream role, love the company they work for, get along with their coworkers, and even like their boss; but if they aren’t making enough money to meet their financial needs, they will eventually seek out a different company that pays them better. Regularly evaluate your employees’ salaries and benefits to make sure they are competitive and keeping up with current trends.

Lack of Appreciation

Managers should make it a habit to regularly acknowledge the hard work their employees provide. Whether you congratulate someone for exceeding their sales goal or just thank someone for spending those few extra minutes at the end of the day to finish up their work, appreciation can go a long way. Showing employees that you recognize and value, efforts and hard work will motivate them to keep putting their best foot forward. Not demonstrating to your employees that you appreciate them can make them feel like you don’t truly care about their contributions or that all you are focused on is making money, and they will begin to have doubts about working for your company.

Not Properly Trained

A company is only as good as its employees. It is extremely important that companies utilize the proper resources to ensure that their employees are well trained. Effective training increases productivity, employee engagement, and above all, employee retention. If you invest in your employees’ skills, they will want to be loyal to you by contributing all that they can to the company’s success and they will have greater job satisfaction. Well trained employees will save your company time and money, will build their confidence and there will be fewer on-the-job mistakes.

If your company is experiencing high employee turnover rates, you can probably admit that you are responsible for a few of the reasons above. On the bright side, these are easy adjustments that can be made.


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