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Here are just a few reasons why a contract Instructional Designer is a smart, cost-effective choice for your eLearning needs.

Onboarding and training – A senior Instructional Designer is ready to hit the ground running on your project from day one. As a consultant, they will be onboarded by the training company, and will be trained in the modality, authoring tools and other learning and development areas required for the client’s business.

Equipment, software and other tools – These training professionals have invested in their own equipment and software – a laptop, authoring tools and other programs such as Instant Messaging software, secure file sharing through an application like Dropbox and other programs they need to do their jobs. They also have access to the templates, processes and tools to efficiently build more effective training solutions.

Deep industry knowledge – A training company partner will know your organization and industry and select a consultant who is an expert in adult learning methodologies and your field. This not only reduces or eliminates ramp up time, it decreases the amount of time your internal subject matter experts need to spend on the project.

Training needs assessment – When a senior Instructional Designer begins a project, they have the skills to perform a needs assessment to validate the project objectives. They can offer expert advice in the design and execution of learning solutions, to ensure the initiative meets and exceeds the goals.

Project management – A senior consultant is skilled at project management. They can take on the entire project, setting the schedule and coordinating with key stakeholders for review and sign-off at critical points in the development process, freeing up your L&D team to continue to work on their own projects

In addition to these exceptional skills hiring the right contract Instructional Designer also enables you and your team to focus on other priorities requiring your attention, leaving the project at hand to an expert that can dedicate 100% of their efforts to providing the optimal result. 

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