FREE! Research Study On Implementing And Supporting Training For Important Change Initiatives!

change initiative

Implementing important change initiatives can make even the seasoned professional shudder, and oftentimes training is involved too late in the process or becomes a mere afterthought.  Many learning leaders question how their companies can be more effective throughout the transformation process, particularly when managing training for change initiatives.

TrainingFolks and collaborated to develop this research study in order to help learning leaders identify best practices and mitigate the challenges typically associated with training for change initiatives.

This study includes:

  • What the high performing companies do to handle training for change initiatives versus the poor performing ones
  • Where to best focus your internal training department versus external training resources
  • How to increase your training teams knowledge of a specific change event

This insight will help propel your company and is an invaluable tool for sharing with other leaders when trying to gain stakeholder acceptance of your learning strategy that supports their change initiative.  

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