Hiring the ideal Instructional Designer just got easier!

How to Hire the Right Instructional Design Consultant

Finding the best-fit instructional design specialist for your organization’s culture, size, industry, and unique project needs is not always easy.

Whether it is for online learning or in class course development, your internal team needs to understand the nuances involved with the job. This is not always possible when an HR team is busy finding your resource along with 10 others for the company. 

The hiring manager or learning team leaders also need to know what the new instructional designer is going to be doing for the project and what key skills are required. Weeding these out in an interview process is sometimes easier said than done.

Working with an external training company with experience in the staffing world can significantly help you with your search. Not only can they find the right fit for your role profile but typically have a great network that you can leverage with one simple point of contact.  Plus, once the new hire is on board, you don’t have to worry about the administrative or onboarding costs involved with a full-time hire-something to think about! 

With over 20 years of experience, TrainingFolks has found the right instructional designers for clients around the globe.

Our ability to find, qualify and select the right candidate is critical for time sensitive projects and has made us a go-to instructional design company for a multitude of Fortune 500 organizations.

As a training company we understand your desire to hire an individual that encompasses the necessary skill set, to ensure performance improvement, real world course design and an adaptive learning process all specifically geared at a targeted audience.

"Finding the Right Instructional Designer" includes six sample questions to ask an Instructional Designer during the interview process and outlines the five most desirable instructional design skills to look for when hiring.

Hire Your Best-Fit Instructional Designer Today

Contract Instructional Designers available locally.

Get more than just a contracted resource. Our effective Instructional Design Consultants provide:

  • More than just another pair of hands, they have industry experience and add value to the overall project
  • The ability to perform a training needs assessment to validate project objectives and offer design and execution advice to achieve these goals
  • Experience in delivery methods such as video, microlearning and gamification to recommend the best option for learner engagement and retention
  • Skills to take on the entire program, including project management, freeing up your internal resources
  • On time, on budget project delivery

No need to delay deadlines for your next eLearning project-hire a local, experienced instructional designer today.


Our learning and recruitment specialists identify our talent using three levels of experience. Instructional Designer Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Instructional Designer Level 1


  • Collaborates with learning team members to write learning objectives and develop knowledge assessments.
  • Designs learning experiences through engaging activities and practice.
  • Develops participant and trainer materials using a variety of presentation, word processing and image capturing software.
  • Supports the trainer in becoming familiar with the content.
  • Focuses on specific, singular modules.
  • Utilizes client's methodologies, tools and templates.


  • Minimal client industry or line of business experience.
  • Minimal knowledge of subject matter.
  • Less than 3 years of design/development experience.
  • Experience in design/development of individual modules; content in existence.
  • Designed/developed modules for entry-level or front-line employees.
  • Basic Instructional Design Certification.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite. 

Instructional Designer Level 2


  • Consults and serves as the key connection point between the learning team and business partners during the learning solution analysis, design, and development.
  • Analyzes learning needs to determine effective learning solutions that address knowledge and/or performance gaps.
  • Leads training interventions that enable clients to accelerate change and drive improved performance.
  • Supports the delivery of the pilot session and completes required revisions.
  • Designs and conducts the TTT session, if required.
  • Focuses on the development of multiple modules.
  • Suggests best practices or improvements for consideration to enhance client's methodologies, tools, and templates.


  • Worked within client industry or line of business.
  • Good knowledge of subject matter.
    Industry Accreditation required 4. 4+ years of design/development experience.
  • Designed/developed modules for mid-senior management level employees.
  • Undergraduate level degree or Instructional Design Certification equivalent.
    Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite of tools.
  • Direct and indirect people management.

Instructional Designer Level 3


  • Manages the total learning experience by leading/consulting closely with learning team to develop and deploy learning strategies to support the accomplishment of business goals
  • Assesses internal client's training needs and identifies corresponding performance gaps
  • Develops training strategies that support the client's strategic goals and leverages appropriate resources to design and implement the strategies
  • Consults and coaches senior leaders on learning applications. Uses systematic thinking to connect all components of learning and performance management.
  • Develops strategies, full program curricula, learning architectures, learning plans, and competencies.
  • Evaluates the impact of recommended solution(s).
  • Possesses a toolkit of methodologies, tools, and templates for client adaptability.


  • Worked within client industry or line of business.
  • In-depth knowledge in subject matter.
  • Advanced Industry Accreditation. 
  • 8+ years of design/development experience.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite of tools.
  • Previous experience developing Learning Strategies, Full Program Curriculums, Architectures and Learning Plans.
  • Designed/developed modules for senior/executive management level employees.
  • Graduate Level Degree or Instructional Design Certification equivalent.
  • Additional certifications/experience such as ISO, Six Sigma.
  • Proficiency using presentation tools and equipment.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite of tools.
  • Direct and indirect people management.


Download your free interview guide from the corporate training experts at TrainingFolks entitled, “Why Are You The Right Instructional Designer for Us?” today.

It includes five key areas that you’ll want to focus your interview questions on as well as includes specific questions per section to lead your discussions.

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