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Here’s why a training needs analysis can help you win the training finish line.

Uncover the true training needs.
Managers close to a project may think they know the training needs, but there are often other factors that need to be addressed. By having an objective your Instructional designer can develop the right questions to help true issues to be uncovered prior to training development.

Determine who requires the training.
Different employees have varying skill and knowledge levels. Depending on the topic, some may need the training and others may not. By performing a needs assessment you can identify those employees who require training, or determine different levels of training or modalities to meet the specific needs of the audience.

training needs assessment questionnaireIdentify the tasks needed to do the job.
Review the main duties of the role and analyze the skills required to perform these tasks effectively. This will help you identify the knowledge and skills needed to close the gap between current and desired performance.

Is training the right solution?
Part of the needs assessment is a training suitability analysis. This will allow you to determine if training is in fact the right solution to address the business need, or if another course of action should be taken.

Content analysis.
Before developing the training, review the existing training content as well as any company policies, procedures and documents that are utilized on the job. What resources do employees access every day, and from where is this information obtained? Consider interviewing a subject matter expert to ensure the content still matches the current job requirements or if any updates need to be made and new material developed.