training-needs-assessmentWhen planning to launch a new training initiative, whether for hiring and onboarding new employees, upgrading or implementing new technologies, or rolling out a new cultural change initiative, hiring the right virtual instructor can be key to ensure success. 

Once you’ve identified the need for a training program, it is important to organize all aspects of the project.

Download our free Training Needs Assessment Checklist to help you plan and organize your next training initiative. 

This free Training Needs Assessment Checklist will provide you with a structure, and lay out 10 top questions to consider when planning your next training initiative.

It includes key areas such as:

  • What is your training designed to accomplish? 
  • Is it cost-effective and what is the budget?
  • What knowledge, skills and behaviors will the training address?
  • Do you have the required resources?
  • Will there be a need to find an external training partner?

If you need help planning your next training initiative, or help finding a Virtual Instructor, contact the global training experts at TrainingFolks today.

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