Curb the Forgetting Curve 

Research on the forgetting curve shows that within one hour of a training event, people will have forgotten an average of 50% of the information presented in the course. Within 24 hours they will have forgotten 70% of the material, and within a week, 90% of the learning will be gone. 



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Following the one and done approach to corporate training is guaranteed to provide poor results in retention and productivity post event.

Try implementing one or all of these tools to help curb the training forgetting curve.

Some of the factors that influence the Forgetting Curve include:

  • Difficulty of the material
  • Relevance of the information – is it theoretical or can it be applied practically to the role
  • Presentation – People have different learning styles: visual, auditory or kinesthetic
  • Physical condition of the learner – are they stressed or sleep-deprived during training

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