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Hire Your Best-Fit Instructional Designer Today

Contract Instructional Designers available locally.

Get more than just a contracted resource. Our dedicated Instructional Design Consultants provide:

  • More than just another pair of hands, they have industry experience and add value to the overall project
  • The ability to perform a training needs assessment to validate project objectives and offer design and execution advice to achieve these goals
  • Experience in delivery methods such as video, microlearning and gamification to recommend the best option for learner engagement and retention
  • Skills to take on the entire program, including project management, freeing up your internal resources
  • On time, on budget project delivery

No need to delay deadlines for your next eLearning project-hire a local, experienced instructional designer today.


Our learning and recruitment specialists identify our talent using three levels of experience.  Instructional Designer Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Instructional Designer Level 1


  • Collaborates with learning team members to write learning objectives and develop knowledge assessments.
  • Designs learning experiences through engaging activities and practice.
  • Develops participant and trainer materials using a variety of presentation, word processing and image capturing software.
  • Supports the trainer in becoming familiar with the content.
  • Focuses on specific, singular modules.
  • Utilizes client's methodologies, tools and templates.


  • Minimal client industry or line of business experience.
  • Minimal knowledge of subject matter.
  • Less than 3 years of design/development experience.
  • Experience in design/development of individual modules; content in existence.
  • Designed/developed modules for entry-level or front-line employees.
  • Basic Instructional Design Certification.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite. 
Instructional Designer Level 2


  • Consults and serves as the key connection point between the learning team and business partners during the learning solution analysis, design, and development.
  • Analyzes learning needs to determine effective learning solutions that address knowledge and/or performance gaps.
  • Leads training interventions that enable clients to accelerate change and drive improved performance.
  • Supports the delivery of the pilot session and completes required revisions.
  • Designs and conducts the TTT session, if required.
  • Focuses on the development of multiple modules.
  • Suggests best practices or improvements for consideration to enhance client's methodologies, tools, and templates.

  • Worked within client industry or line of business.
    Good knowledge of subject matter.
  • Industry Accreditation required 4. 4+ years of design/development experience.
  • Designed/developed modules for mid-senior management level employees.
  • Undergraduate level degree or Instructional Design Certification equivalent.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite of tools.
  • Direct and indirect people management.

Instructional Designer Level 3


  • Manages the total learning experience by leading/consulting closely with learning team to develop and deploy learning strategies to support the accomplishment of business goals
  • Assesses internal client's training needs and identifies corresponding performance gaps
  • Develops training strategies that support the client's strategic goals and leverages appropriate resources to design and implement the strategies
  • Consults and coaches senior leaders on learning applications. Uses systematic thinking to connect all components of learning and performance management.
  • Develops strategies, full program curricula, learning architectures, learning plans, and competencies.
  • Evaluates the impact of recommended solution(s).
  • Possesses a toolkit of methodologies, tools, and templates for client adaptability.


  • Worked within client industry or line of business.
  • In-depth knowledge in subject matter.
  • Advanced Industry Accreditation. 
  • 8+ years of design/development experience.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite of tools.
  • Previous experience developing Learning Strategies, Full Program Curriculums, Architectures and Learning Plans.
  • Designed/developed modules for senior/executive management level employees.
  • Graduate Level Degree or Instructional Design Certification equivalent.
  • Additional certifications/experience such as ISO, Six Sigma.
  • Proficiency using presentation tools and equipment.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite of tools.
  • Direct and indirect people management.

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