Training Consultant Certification process

Training Consultant Certification Process

Developing a business to business relationship with TrainingFolks as a Certified TrainingFolks Professional has several benefits:

  • The TrainingFolks Contingent Staffing team will expose you to many interesting projects and clients in a variety of industries, broadening the depth of experience you can reach. 
  • Certified TrainingFolks Professionals also receive front of line consideration for new opportunities. 

In addition, a pre-existing relationship with TrainingFolks will ensure an expedited onboarding process should you be chosen to engage in a project.

The Certification Process

The TrainingFolks certification process begins after you have been selected for a specific project.  At the time of selection you will go through an orientation program, onboarding and be coached on the specific client project.  You then begin your first project as a CERTIFIED TrainingFolks Consultant.

Next, to become a Certified TrainingFolks Professional, you must successfully complete a project engagement through TrainingFolks and receive a satisfactory evaluation from our client and TrainingFolks, based on our performance scorecard. 

Continuing to partner with TrainingFolks thereafter has additional advantages to becoming a Certified TrainingFolks Advisor.

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